How to Install a BBK Power-Plus Series Throttle Body on a 5.7L Hemi (Part 2)

Text and Photos by Matt Emery


In Part 1 of this step-by-step tutorial, you learned how to get started installing a 85mm unit onto an ’08 Challenger with a 5.7L Hemi engine. This next section will cover a bit more of the team over at BBK Performance Parts and give you the final steps to a successful installation.


If you haven’t checked out Part 1, be sure to follow the link and get the first half of this step-by-step tutorial!


This engine had already been enhanced with BBK’s CNC-machined billet aluminum high-flow fuel rails and a Mopar cold air intake system, so it was in need of more airflow. The 85mm BBK unit is 5mm larger than the 80mm stocker, and that increase in airflow should translate to a 10-15-hp increase. That works out to be about a pony per minute, because this is an extremely easy install, taking only about 15 minutes to finish.


BBK has been in the performance business for over 20 years, when they started with Mustang headers. In that time, they have grown into a one-stop horsepower shop for most muscle car applications. They offer everything from fuel systems, exhaust systems, intake manifolds, pulley systems and valve covers, and of course, throttle bodies.


As for this install, follow along as this Hemi Challenger gets an increase of fresh air and its owner gets an increase in fun.


It only takes a glance to see the difference between the new BBK Performance Parts throttle body and the stock unit. The new BBK unit is of course larger, but it is also manufactured to higher tolerances than the stock unit.


It’s always a good idea to make sure that the seal is both free from debris and firmly seated into the intake manifold before attaching the new unit.


Exercise care when bolting the unit onto the plastic intake manifold because the nutserts can be damaged if they’re over-tightened.


With the throttle body in place, attach the air intake tube.


This is the aforementioned locking clip on the throttle body control motor connector plug. Take care when snapping it back into place.


It only takes about 10-15 minutes to install the new BBK throttle body, but it’s time well spent.


With the car back on the in-house BBK dyno, the after numbers are run.


With approximately a 16-hp and 27 ft-lbs of torque increase at 4,500 rpm—which is really where most driving is done—the increase is truly usable horsepower that one can feel in the seat of the pants.


BBK Performance/Brothers have moved into their new Temecula, CA, facility, where they not only manufacture their products, they also have dyno and testing facilities and a large showroom at their disposal. Stop by for a catalog or just to see what’s new.




BBK Performance

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